about us

                        tequila's mexican restaurant is a 
                        company established 18 years ago in the 
                        state of Colorado, our goal is to serve the 
                        most authentic Mexican food with tip 
                        quality fresh ingredients. Our family 
                        atmosphere, and careful attention to detail 
                        will make you feel at home.
                        Our restaurant is the product of years of 
                        hard work, is native to Cuautla, Jalisco, and 
                        he emigrated to the United States in 1978.
                        Once he stablished himself in Washington
                        State he began working as a dishwaser.
                    As a tireless worker, because he loved to cook, and because of his desire to learn, and love of cooking he offered
                    to be a helper in kitchen during his time off with out extra payment. Jose learned to cook everything from 
                    scratch, so one day after the chef resigned he was the most qualified person to fill position. He noticed Mexican 
                    food in Washington state lacked an authentic flavor, so he decided to open a restaurant with a style which is 
                    considered quintessentially Mexican: Jallisco's style of cooking. That way he founded El Charro Mexican 
                    Restaurant with his brother. That venture lasted for 30 years.
                    On the side he decided to independently open a restaurant called El Abuelo in Wenatchee, Washington. During 
                    that time Jose opened a second restaurant with a cachier name: Tequila's, which is not only a name of Mexico's 
                    national beverage, but also the name is a town in his native state of Jallisco. That way he founded the 
                    restaurant chain that we now enjoy in our state, with 8 locations in six cities all around the stated of Colorado. 
                    H econtributed to not only have a colorful state, but also flavorful one.